Thin Blue Line Announces:

Healthcare a better way.

When it comes to affordable quality healthcare choices, Thin Blue Line puts our members first. Our member–centric, value–based solutions offer better access to quality, personalized healthcare and unexpected medical cost protection. We deliver the right care at the right time for the best price for members of the Thin Blue Line Benefits Association.
Virtual Primary Care (VPC) Program with
Unexpected Medical Cost & Well Care Options
Virtual Primary Care (VPC) is an innovative solution delivering high-quality healthcare with a simple and affordable membership contribution. The defining element of VPC is an enduring and trusting relationship between a member and his or her primary care provider. Members have extraordinary access to a physician of their choice virtually, by email, or by text. Thin Blue Line’s Virtual Primary Care is personalized healthcare in the palm of your hand. Thin Blue Line’s Virtual Primary Care program allows members and their families 24/7 access to personalized quality primary care at an affordable price.

Better Health Outcomes

Members achieve superior health outcomes with Virtual Primary Care's innovative service delivery. VPC’s provide better access to physicians, empower an authentic therapeutic relationship, and deliver comprehensive patient care

Lower Costs

Affordable, transparent costs based on a periodic overall flat rate (i.e. membership or subscription). Members pay for their care direct to the physician thru this program. No third parties or Fee for Service billing (``FFS``) to inflate cost.

Enhanced Member Experience

Members receive unrestricted access to their healthcare provider, report little to no wait time. In turn, creating a real therapeutic relationship between member and provider virtually.

Unexpected Medical Cost Protection

Thin Blue Line protects members through shared medical burdens.
Easy to Use Enrollment System
  • Single sign-on user experience
  • Self-Registration
  • Online enrollment
  • Member portal
  • Secure payment
  • Customer service
  • Benefit summaries
Virtual Primary Care
  • Free annual exams
  • 24/7/365 unlimited access to personal Primary Care Doctor - virtual, text, or email
  • No co-pays, deductibles, or hidden costs or fees
  • Discounts on specialists, prescriptions, labs, and imaging
  • Universal acceptance regardless of preexisting conditions
  • Virtual consult for specialist referrals, diagnostics, or labs
  • Member first approach to healthcare and health promotion
  • HIPAA/PHI compliant technology that brings personal care to you when you need it
  • Live video chat with photo upload for clarity and peace of mind
  • Personalized digital history minimizes paperwork allowing for more time with provider
  • Enroll anytime without open enrollment or waiting period
  • Membership discount card
    > Up to 80% savings on prescription drugs
    > Accepted at most pharmacies nationwide
  • RX benefit plan
    > $10 copay on generic
    > $30 copay on formulary plan drugs
    > $250 annual deductible
    > $250 monthly maximum benefit
Laboratory Services
  • National discount program
  • Up to 75% savings on participating labs
Virtual Counseling
  • Free consultation
  • Access to licensed counselor on secured platform
  • Access to advanced mental healthcare
  • Active support
Chronic Care Management
  • Auto immune disease treatment
  • Chronic pain treatment
Unexpected Medical Event – Hospitalization Cost Protection
  • No co-pay, deductible, coinsurance, or max out of pocket
  • No network restrictions
  • No annual caps
  • Attentive to medical cost needs
  • Simple responsible cost per medical event options
  • No open enrollment
  • Everyone accepted
  • Medical management
  • Fair price negotiation
  • Well care options
  • Specialist and facility acceptance worldwide
Medical Cost Comparison – Blue Essential vs Traditional Insurance
Middle-aged male officer with chest pain requiring ambulance, ER, lab, surgery,
ICU with recovery for heart attack and open-heart (CABG) surgery.
When compared with Traditional Insurance,
a Blue Elite Member saves:
Blue Elite Plan
$1,000 IUA
$0 copay
$0 coinsurance
Total Cost $1,000
*$1,000 max per event x 3 per year
Insurance-$2500 80/20 PPO
$2,500 deductible
$30 copay
$4,970 coinsurance (20%)
Total Cost $7,500
*Max Out of Pocket after deductible = $5,000
Initial Uninsured Amount per Medical Event x3 $1000 $2500 $5000
Under 50 Over 50
Under 50 Over 50
Under 50 Over 50
Member Only
$324.85 $381.00
$282.30 $325.00
$266.20 $304.00
Member + Spouse
$585.05 $693.00
$491.90 $571.00
$441.30 $526.00
Member + Child(ren)
$575.15 $674.00
$493.50 $567.00
$477.40 $525.00
$813.05 $963.00
$681.95 $792.00
$632.50 $727.00
Initial Uninsured Amount per Medical Event x3 *Connected with Well Care $1000 $2500 $5000
Under 50 Over 50
Under 50 Over 50
Under 50 Over 50
Member Only
$359.35 $411.00
$316.80 $355.00
$300.70 $334.00
Member + Spouse
$648.30 $748.00
$555.15 $626.00
$520.65 $581.00
Member + Child(ren)
$638.40 $729.00
$556.75 $622.00
$524.55 $580.00
$905.05 $1043.00
$773.95 $872.00
$724.50 $807.00
Added features included with Connected Are:
  • Outside Visit (1x per member)
  • Immunizations - ages 0-16
  • Preventative Mammogram
  • Preventative Colonoscopy
For Members of the Thin Blue Line Benefits Association.